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Benchmarking sustainable food standards

There are many sustainable food standards, both FSA and SFI are set to collaborate within the food chain and improve sustainable agricultural practices. FSA is a well-known and internationally recognized tool to compare sustainable food standards. At CLM we help to improve sustainable agricultural practices by benchmarking sustainable food standards against FSA and SFI. We work independently to ensure consistency among benchmarking of sustainable food standards.

Moreover, we can advise on how to improve a standard to be in line with the requirements from SAI platform and Pepsico. The benchmark can be used to check the minimum requirements from suppliers and to work more efficiently when several standards are used simultaneously.

We are experienced in the benchmarking of both global and national standards. We can work with several European languages, like German, English, Spanish and French. We can include legislation to the benchmark if this is allowed by SAI platform.

We work closely together with SAI platform and Pepsico to improve sustainable food standards.

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