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CLM operates within the Netherlands and also internationally. The scope and nature of our international work are illustrated by following recent projects:

Sustainability metrics
  • For the food industry’s Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform ( we drafted the guidelines on how to measure sustainable farming, setting the stage for worldwide Sustainability Performance Assessment.
  • For Heineken International we benchmarked promising arable certification schemes currently in use in France.
  • We produced sustainability tools for the Cono dairy company and Ben & Jerry’s, and for dairy production in Denmark.
Research on carbon footprinting and LCA
  • We compared the carbon footprints of different products for an international frozen vegetables company.
  • We regularly carry out similar research for retailers and food processing companies at national level, for instance on apples and pears with Sodexo, and on vegetables with retailer Jumbo and suppliers.
EU policy advice and evaluation
  • Working as part of an international team, we assessed options for cross compliance under the EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).
  • For the European Commission we analysed the scope for a European levy on nitrogen.
  • For the European Commission we evaluated EU policies in the Netherlands as part of a Europe-wide evaluation of cross compliance (2007) and of the Common Market Organisation for fruit and vegetables (2008), pork and veal (2010) and starch (2010).
Implementation of EU policies in the Netherlands
  • Advice and communication about EU policy implementation in the Netherlands, for example on the Water Framework Directive (2007) and CAP income support (2008–2012).
  • Facilitation of the National Rural Network under the Rural Development Regulation (2007–2013).
Multilateral cooperation and research

For example the Interreg project A Meaningful role for islands ISLA (2006) and Global and Local food chain Assessment: a Multidimensional performance-based approach, under the EU’s 7th Framework Research Programme (2012).