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CLM's impact

It is always hard to assess the exact impact of consultancy work. But at CLM we pride ourselves in delivering an actual shift towards sustainability.

Some recent examples

  • A reduction of pesticide pollution in groundwater by over 60% in the municipalities where we are running the Clean Water programme.
  • More sustainably grown tomatoes are sold in 2 supermarket chains, as a result of CLM’s mediation between environmental NGOs and tomato growers.
  • A large retailer took up CLM’s advice to tackle climate change in 3 concrete hotspots in the food chain.
  • Farmers near the international Schiphol airport are testing different crops to avoid attracting wild geese (a risk to aviation).
  • As a result of the CLM campaign for better use of meat of culled wild geese, more wild goose meat is now channeled into the food chain instead of being discarded as waste.
  • In several regions in the Netherlands (Brabant, Overijssel), farmers are now involved in management of nature areas.
  • Sustainably and regionally grown apples and pears will be sold in all 600 catering outlets of Sodexo in the Netherlands.
  • Some 50 growers have invested in low-emission and purification techniques for pesticides as a result of our project Working together for a Clean Meuse.
  • For 2 years over 400 dairy farmers producing milk for Cono cheese and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream have been using the Caring dairy tool developed by CLM. Their environmental awareness is noticeably increased and often turned into enthusiasm.
  • Thanks to CLM’s public debates in Amsterdam in 2012, food security and geo-politics were put on the national political agenda.