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By Public Transport Gutenbergweg


Gutenbergweg 1

T 00 31 345 470 700

The CLM office building is located at walking distance from the railway station (1,7 km, appr. 20 min. by foot and 10 min. by bicycle).
Unfortunately, there is no suitable bus connection available. An alternative for walking is renting an (public transport) bicycle, at the bicycle renting place, on the right side next to the main entrance of the station.

On the website Travelplanner you can find information on arrival and departure of all trains.

Download the route description
Download the route description to CLM, Gutenbergweg, by public transport and walking or cycling (pdf)


  • Walking or biking to CLM, Gutenbergweg 1, Culemborg

    Take the train (sprinter) in the direction Geldermalsen/ Tiel or Breda
    (from Utrecht CS, appr. 15 minutes)
  • Leave the train at the stop Culemborg
  • If you travelled from Utrecht, the train stops at the same side CLM is situated on. In this case you leave the station from the platform (so do not walk to the tunnel underneath the station).
    If you travelled from ’s Hertogenbosch, you do have to walk underneath the station: take the stairs down to the tunnel, take a left turn, take the stairs up to the platform).
  • After leaving the platform (turn right directly after the top of the stairs), take a right turn down hill. This is the Parallelweg West. Walk in the direction of the DIY-store called Gamma.
  • Walk on, passing the Gamma at your left hand side.
  • Take a left turn. This is the Anthony van Diemenstraat. Keep on walking, straight ahead.
  • On the corner with the garage called Renault, cross the Erasmusweg, to the Gutenbergweg.
  • Our office building is located at the beginning of the Gutenbergweg, number 1, on your right hand side.
    CLM is situated on the first floor.