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CLM Research and Advice

CLM Research and Advice provides a wide variety of services:

  • Research – ranging from tracing the sources of pesticide residues in groundwater to benchmarking sustainability certification schemes
  • Policy advice and evaluation – on topics such as the future the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at the EU level and designing smart applications of the CAP in the Netherlands
  • Process facilitation – to build bridges between farming and nature conservation interests, including mediation, for example between the wholesale vegetable trade and environmental organisations on cleaner production
  • Communication – such as educational films and factsheets for farmers


CLM is independent. Two foundations (the Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation and the Foundation for CLM Interests) own all the shares of the limited company. All our income is from the projects we do for private and public clients.

CLM cooperates with scores of partners, including many academic institutions. However, CLM has no formal links to any government or academic institution.

Example projects…