Sustainable farming -
Healthy food - A living countryside


The Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation carries out a large number of activities within its three core competences of innovation, debate and mediation. These are briefly described below.


Sustainable and diversified farming depends on a capacity for continual innovation. The CLM Foundation manages an Innovation Fund to finance innovative projects, which have delivered new insights into a range of issues such as biological invasions. Wouter van der Weijden was the lead author of two innovative books: Biological Globalisation and Farmland Birds across the World.


Farming is often subject to public criticism. Among the controversial issues in the public debate are the use of pesticides, animal diseases, animal welfare, not putting cows out to pasture and agricultural policies. The CLM Foundation is an active participant in these debates with an independent voice. Our aim is always to improve the relationship between farmers and society.

CLM has organised three series of public debates on The future of farming and our food in the Rode Hoed debating centre in Amsterdam.


The farming sector often finds itself in conflict with other interests represented by environmental organisations, animal welfare groups and others. The CLM Foundation respects the views and values of those involved and succeeds in building bridges between them.

A recent example concerns pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables. Mediation by the Foundation between the horticulture sector and environmental organisations resulted in the sector making further efforts to reduce the levels of these residues. In exchange, the environmental organisations promised to pursue a campaign of naming, shaming and faming, and to encourage the public to eat more fruit and vegetables. The environmental organisations have kept their promise.