Sustainable farming -
Healthy food - A living countryside

CLM foundation

Our mission

The farming and horticulture sector is making rapid progress towards sustainable production that includes the provision of green services. The Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation (CLM Foundation) has been working hard to stimulate and support this transition process for more than 30 years.

Our goals

The CLM Foundation pursues two goals:

  • A sustainable and diversified farming and horticulture sector
  • A harmonious relationship between farming and society

Our core business

The CLM Foundation pursues its goals through its three core competences:

  • Innovation
  • Debate
  • Mediation


The Foundation's activities are financed mainly from subsidies and donations. You can support the CLM Foundation in three ways:

  • Giving a donation to the Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation or to our Innovation Fund
  • Making a contribution to a specific project or the Foundation’s annual plan (available on request)
  • Making a gift or leaving a specific legacy to the Foundation
Your contribution is deductible against income tax and corporation tax.