Sustainable farming -
Healthy food - A living countryside

About CLM

Who we are

CLM is an independent consultancy active in sustainable food, farming and rural development.

Our expertise and services are characterised by:

  • A clear vision on sustainable agriculture and rural areas
  • Wide-ranging expertise on sustainable farming and rural areas, including soil, biodiversity, pesticides, water, animal welfare, energy, climate impacts and carbon footprinting
  • An integrated approach to solving problems
  • Close cooperation with farming and rural practice
  • A good feel for facilitation and communication
  • Innovative approaches and practical solutions
  • An eye for the longer term
  • Extensive experience with projects at regional, national and international level

What we stand for

We are committed to making sustainable food production the norm. We work with others to promote and secure healthy food, clean water, biodiversity and cultural landscapes now and for the future.

What we do

-    Generate and share knowledge
-    Deliver practical solutions
-    Think ahead and innovate

More on CLM activities...

Two organisations, each with a different approach, operate under the CLM umbrella:

  • CLM Research and Advice Ltd, an independent consultancy
  • The Centre for Agriculture and Environment Foundation, an organisation for innovation, debate, mediation and advocacy